Stenosi Tricuspidale

Findings indicative of haemodynamically significant tricuspid stenosis


 Specific findings  
     Mean pressure gradient ≥5 mmHg
     Inflow time-velocity integral ≥ 60 cm
     T½ ≤ 190 ms
     Valve area by continuity equation* ≥ 1 cm²*
Supportive findings  
     Enlarged right atrium ≥moderate  
     Dilated inferior vena cava  


   *Stroke volume derived from left or right ventricular outflow. In the presence of more than mild TR, the derived valve area will be underestimated. Nevertheless, a value ≤1 cm² implies a significant haemodynamic burden imposed by combined lesion.



European Journal of Echocardiography (2009) 10, 1-25









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